KODAK Playsport Video Camera Burton Edition
KODAK Playsport Video Camera Burton Edition





Shockproof, Waterproof, Dustproof, & 1080P HD!*

KODAK Playsport Video Camera Burton Edition Bundle


  • PLAYSPORT Video Camera Burton Edition ZX5
  • Micro HDMI Cable
  • 4GB SDHC Memory Card
  • Remote Control
  • Gripping Tripod
  • Essential Grip Case

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How-to Ollie, with Pro-Snowboarder Dom Harrington

Dom Harrington, Pro-Snowboarder and Winter Olympic Contender, shares his snowboarding tips and tricks so you can look like a pro on the slopes. In this video learn how-to hit a kicker and ollie over obstacles for a smooth journey downhill.

“Skiers often fall over and get in the way, but don’t worry we can learn to ollie over them… [Ride] nice and low towards the skier, and as you extend your legs lift your nose up first. Then, you want to push off the tail of your board. That’ll give you the spring to get over the skier. Alright, so this is a grab off a kicker… we’re approaching the kicker, [with] quite a lot of speed. Get nice and low, weight central over your board. As you go over the lift of the kicker, extend those legs and that’ll put you in the air. Once you’re in the air, bring your knees up toward your chest. When your knees are nice and high toward your chest, grab in between your feet. Get a hold of the board; if you’ve got time, tweak it. Let go of the board, and remember to bend your knees when you land.”

Find more skiing and snowboarding tips @KodakUK on YouTube

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Video filmed on the Kodak Playsport Zx5 video camera at Xscape, Castleford, UK.

Kodak and Burton Collaborate to Introduce Exclusive New Pocket Video Camera

This is Kodak’s second season as the Official Consumer Digital Camera Partner of the Burton Snowboard Company. Kodak is also a sponsor of the Burton Mountain Festival, which is a 10-city, 3-month event that will tour the United States and Canada across major ski resorts, starting December 31st. At each stop, consumers will be given the opportunity to try out both Burton snowboards and Kodak video camera products.

BURTON Mountain Festical/ KODAK Playsport Video Camera

Just in time for the winter sports season, Kodak and Burton have collaborated on the design and development of an exclusive new pocket video camera, targeted at snowboarders and action sports enthusiasts. It’s the KODAK PLAYSPORT Video Camera, Burton Edition/Zx5. This product is a unique bundle that features a rugged, waterproof 1080p High Definition pocket video camera that is designed just like one of Burton’s top-selling snowboards, the Custom Flying V.

KODAK PLAYSPORT Video Camera, BURTON Edition / Zx5

The PlaySport Zx5 Burton Edition has a ruggedized design that can withstand even the most challenging of conditions. It’s shockproof, dustproof and waterproof up to 10 feet. And with built-in image stabilization, the camera can smooth out video clips of even the roughest rides. So whether you are carving up the mountain, catching air in a half pipe or pulling stunts in your local skate park, this product can handle it – with confidence.

KODAK PLAYSPORT Video Camera, BURTON Edition / Zx5

Included in this bundle are some great value-added accessories: HDMI cable, 4GB SDHC memory card, remote control, gripping tripod and carry case. Check out the video below to learn more about this product.

Takes an impact. Makes an impact—in full HD.

KODAK’s partnership with BURTON started over a year ago, when we brought you the KODAK PLAYSPORT Video Camera, BURTON Edition / Zx3 designed after the BURTON Custom. Since then, we’ve been amping up to bring you the next generation - the one of a kind BURTON Edition / Zx5. This bundle is a veritable toolkit of awesomeness when it comes to HD pocket video that powers through the elements.

See it in action with Jack, Mark, and Danny as they hit the pool for a little cross training.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro athlete, the KODAK PLAYSPORT Video Camera, BURTON Edition/ Zx5 is a great addition to your snowboard. Its shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof design will power through the elements, so you can shoot and share your ride in full 1080p HD. And its built-in image stabilization will give your camera a balanced ride, even when you don’t.

The BURTON Edition / Zx5 comes complete with everything you need to shoot and share:

  • (1) KODAK Micro HDMI Cable to help relive gnarly rides on the big screen
  • (1) KODAK SDHC High-Speed Memory Card, 4GB to capture up to 80 minutes of HD video
  • (1) KODAK Remote Control to start and stop recording from a distance
  • (1) KODAK Gripping Tripod for ultimate flexibility to inspire your creativity
  • (1) KODAK Essential Grip Case to keep you hooked up until you’re ready to shoot