Buying an extended service plan

What are the Kodak Extended Service Plan Terms and Conditions?

Kodak warranty terms and Conditions.

What items are eligible for coverage?

Any Kodak digital camera, digital video camera, digital frame, or all-in-one printer that is still within the standard Kodak warranty is eligible for coverage.

Is additional coverage available?

Kodak Extended Service Plans cover you for an additional 12 months of the same coverage you received when you purchased your Kodak product.

What does the standard manufacturer’s warranty cover?

Please refer to the documentation that came with your Kodak product for the terms and condition of your Kodak product limited liability warranty.

What is not covered?

We do not cover accidental damage, such as droppage, immersion in liquid, and other non-manufacturing or design defects.

Why do you need my personal and product purchase information?

Kodak wants to ensure that you take full advantage of the coverage you’ve purchased. To do that, we need your contact information as well as the purchase date and model of the product you’re covering.

Why would I buy a warranty from Kodak instead of a third party?

Kodak Extended Service Plans cover more than many warranties. For example, they cover normal wear and tear and damage from dust, while others may only cover only hardware failure. In addition, Kodak Plans are transferable , have an easy claims process, and are from a name you can trust.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible if your Kodak digital camera, digital video camera, digital frame, or all-in-one printer is still within the standard Kodak warranty period.

How much does the Extended Service Plan cost?

The cost of the Plan is specific to the product you are covering. Please see the Extended Service Plan for pricing information.

How long do I have to buy the extended service plan?

Any Kodak consumer product owner can purchase our Plans within the standard Kodak warranty period.

If I buy a Kodak Extended Service Plan, and then return the product, what happens?

As long as you contact us within 30 days of the purchase of the plan, we will issue you a refund or credit for that purchase.

Can I purchase this agreement for a Kodak product I bought from another company?

Yes! You must keep the original proof of purchase of your Kodak product from the retailer so that we can validate your coverage should you need to get your product repaired.

Can I purchase this agreement for a Kodak product I bought from an individual?

Yes, as long as you have a copy of the original owner’s proof of purchase, which you would need in order to process a claim under your Extended Service Plan.

Do you have an agreement that covers accidental customer damage (droppage, etc.)?

No, we do not cover accidental customer damage.

Do you sell these in every country?

At this time, Kodak only sells these Plans in the United States, but please continue to check back with us as we may offer other Plans in the future.

Do you sell extended service plans in my state?

We currently sell Extended Service Plans in most states. The states where we do not currently sell Extended Service plans are: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. (See other options below.)

How can I get an Extended Service Plan if I live in one of these excluded states?

If you live in these states and are interested in an extended service plan for your Kodak product, we do offer a link to Square Trade extended service plans from our registration page. You will see that link on the left side of the page when you go to register your Kodak product. We are working on adding to our list of included states, so please check back.

Why don’t you sell extended service plans in my state?

Some states have highly regulatory requirements around sale of extended service plans. In a few cases, we are still working through the arduous requirements process. We are also continuing to update our list of included states, so please check back.

If someone gave the product and Extended Service Plan to me as a gift, or if I’m purchasing a product and the Plan from someone, how do I get the Plan into my name?

Contact us at Since the Plans are transferable, we can change the name on the Plan for you.


What is the claim process?

The process is easy. Please go to and select Live Chat. Our support team can help you determine if your product needs to be serviced, and they can complete the process for you at that time.

How long does it take to repair my product?

Normal turnaround time is 5-7 business days from the date we receive your product.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

For some types of service, you will need to pay to ship your product to us. However, all return shipping is included in the price of the Extended Service Plan.

How do I check to see if my product is still under warranty?

The standard Kodak warranty starts on the date of purchase. The Extended Service Plan coverage begins when the standard warranty ends. To obtain coverage under the Extended Service Plan, you must retain a copy of your original product proof of purchase. If you cannot find your proof of purchase, please contact us at

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

You are covered for the duration of the Extended Service Plan or 30 days after any repair, whichever is longer.

How can I check the status of my claim?

You will receive email status updates, and you can always contact us at


What if my item breaks before coverage begins?

All Kodak products come with a warranty. Your product is covered during the standard Kodak warranty, and then the Extended Service Plan picks up when that warranty ends.

When does my coverage begin?

The Extended Service Plan coverage begins the day that your standard Kodak warranty ends.

Is my item covered if I accidentally drop my product?

Neither the standard Kodak warranty nor an Extended Service Plan covers accidental droppage, immersion in liquid, or other non-manufacturing damage to your Kodak product.

Managing your extended service plan

What if I lost my plan number?

Your Plan number would have been emailed to you. If you cannot find it, we can look it up for you. Please contact us at if you need to use your Extended Service Plan.

Can I transfer or cancel my plan?

Your plan is fully transferable. It is also cancellable within the first 30 days after purchase of the plan.